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Octavia Griffin, LMSW

Under Direct Clinical Supervision of Latisha Thomas, LCSw-s

Octavia is NOT accepting new clients.


I'm more than just a Therapist, I'm a young, lively black woman whose purpose is to educate, empower and break the negative stigma surrounding mental health. Let's talk, about your mental health, self-care regiment, self- awareness, relationships, and other taboos. Let's have have real in- depth conversations. Let's go beyond surface- level relationships and build lasting partnerships that can ultimately grow your community.


I am a catalyst of empowerment for those who aspire to find peace within themselves through the use of various therapies, goal setting, and self- care techniques. I uplift, highlight and provide you with the resources to help sharpen your life- skills as you strive to be the best you. 

My mission is intended to accentuate the fact the we cannot help others if we're not at peace with ourselves. 

You Can Be The Change You Want To See!

Let's talk and see what we can accomplish together.

Octavia Griffin, LMSW

"Declare TODAY as Your Future"

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