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Under Direct Clinical Supervision of Latisha Thomas, LCSw-s

Andrea is currently accepting new clients.

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My name is Andrea L. Powell.  I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and I have worked in the field of social work for almost 19 years.  I have a passion for helping individuals, couples, and families navigate life's challenges.


I am a woman with lived experience surrounding neglect, trauma, divorce, motherhood, grief, failure, triumph, hiccups, mistakes, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, you name it. I am a true believer in giving grace to yourself and meeting yourself where you are. I am a Christian and will incorporate biblical principles in sessions if clients ask me to do so, however this is not the case for most of my clients. I am here to provide a judgement free space to support my clients as they walk through the challenges they are faced with.


My goal is to help my client create a realistic plan on how they will overcome those challenges, and a strategy on how to prepare themselves for the challenges that will come. All that I ask is for my clients to be themselves, transparent, and ready to do the work. My approach is not for everyone, as I tend to be straight forward and do not sugar coat things. If my client creates a goal, I am going to hold them accountable as they press forward towards achieving it. This means they will be expected to do challenging things, like self-work.

Listen, I don’t play about my clients, and I don’t allow them to play with themselves. So, if it sounds like we may be a match towards your self-healing, feel free to reach out. If not, that’s ok. I hope you find a therapist who will be intentional and supportive in helping you navigate this thing called life.

Have a Super Fantastic Day!

"Declare TODAY as Your Future"

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