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  • LaTisha Thomas, LCSW

Just want to know my business?

I was recently accused of just being “nosey” as to why I wanted to be a clinical social worker and starting my private practice. This tickled me to my core because unlike a tea spiller, my interest is in the clean-up and prevention of further damage.


Wanting to know the “tea” of individual’s lives is the furthest thing from my interest. Instead, I find great joy in walking with a person on their journey of self-discovery, uncovering new aspects of a deeper level of understanding, and restoring an inner strength during difficult times. Impacting individuals, couples, and family’s legacies is what fuels my fire and passion. Just because it was brought up I want to share how I remain a neutral party as I carry the “secrets” of individuals who trust me as their counselor.

My primary focus as I get to know a new individual, couple or family is to build rapport rooted in trust before we begin processing their “why” for seeking out services. The therapeutic relationship is rooted in clear expectations and boundaries from all parties involved. Any gray areas are addressed head on which leaves very little room for confusion in the relationship. Another key component is maintaining a level of mutual respect. There tends to naturally be a level of hierarchy in the relationship of therapist and client, yet this is NOT to be an emphasized existence. I work to minimize the perception that I am the expert of all things in anyone’s life; instead I am a listener who values enhancing insight. Accountability is the final key contributor to my role as a clinical social worker. If I say “I am”, “I will” or “I do” my clients can trust that it will be accomplished.

In closing, you are able to share just as much or as little as you want to connect with your therapist. Ultimately the needed growth occurs outside of session and within the daily interactions of you and your family/friends.

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